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Battlefield 1: Open Beta, Immersive Gameplay Features, And New Vehicles Teased By EA

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Battlefield 1

As expected, EA put the spotlight on Battlefield 1 during their EA Play presentation at E3 2016. Aside from a massive 64-player battle, EA also showcased a new trailer that focused on the exciting gameplay of the next Battlefield title. Here?s what we know so far about the Battlefield 1 gameplay based on the trailer shown at EA Play.

Most Immersive Game

Like Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield 1 will run on the Frostbite engine. EA has promised that Battlefield 1 will be more immersive than all of the past entries in the series. Players can expect a more immersive shooter experience as EA will make destruction; a staple feature in the franchise, better than ever before. The destruction will be partnered with dynamic weather features to make up a really immersive shooting experience.


The trailer also showcased a ton of new vehicles that will be present in the game. For land vehicles, we?ll of course be getting the early models of tanks and sidecar motorcycles. Even better is that players will be allowed to ride horses in the game. What we?re excited about though are the air vehicles we?ll be getting our hands on. Aside from planes, EA is also introducing a new type of air vehicles called Behemoths. These are huge Zeppelins that take up a lot of space in the skies. The Zeppelin was then taken down by airplanes in the trailer, showing off how well the destruction system is this time around.

Open Beta

Those who are way too excited and want to get their hands on Battlefield 1 before the Oct. 1 launch should not fret as EA will be launching an Open Beta this summer. We?re not sure on the exact details yet but we?re expecting EA to announce the dates soon.

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