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Battlefield 1 Open Beta: Early Access Codes Out Today, No More Codes For Late Battlefield Insiders

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Battlefield 1 Open Beta

The Battlefield 1 open beta is starting on August 31, but?insiders will get the early access codes?today as they will be able to play a day earlier than the rest. Game developer EA Dice has confirmed that those who are enlisted as insiders will get early access to the beta and they will receive the codes through email.

Those who signed up for the Battlefield 1 open beta?before August 21 will be able to get the early access code. The catch was you had to become a part of the company?s insider program for the game. The registrations were open until August 21.

EA Dice has not confirmed the start time of the beta, but those who will receive an email today will be able to join the session before everyone. The specific time of the codes rollout is still under wraps. Since the codes will be delivered to the registered members by email, there are chances that the company will randomly send them out.

As the game is still in the development phase, the game?will still have room for improvement. The details shared by the developer confirm that the Battlefield 1 open beta will feature the Sinai Desert map. Players will be sitting on horseback and will be taken for combat. As the game has a World War setting,the Battlefield open beta testers will also get to see trains and airplanes. They would also be able to enjoy two game modes.

As the gameplay will take place in the Sinai Desert map, Rush and Conquest will be the two modes available. The game also supports online multiplayer gameplay. EA Dice says?that players will enjoy the?Battlefield 1 open beta with 64-player matches.

EA Dice will release Battlefield 1 on October 21. The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A free map for the game will also come out in December.

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