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Battlefield 1 Open Beta Almost Ready, Includes New Features And Maps?

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Battlefield 1

EA DICE is launching the Battlefield 1 open beta soon, and the studio?s senior producer has shared exciting details as he has played the game already. On Twitter, Aleksander Grondal revealed that the developers have played the beta version of the upcoming first-person shooter which is slated for release this year. He also teased some ?new stuff? for the game.

Fans are eagerly waiting to join the Battlefield 1 open beta. EA Dice confirmed that it will host the session soon, but it has not confirmed the start date. Those interested in early beta access are required to register on the company?s official website.

Many are expecting the ?new stuff? to be new features and maps in Battlefield 1. There?s no doubt that the game will not feature all the maps, missions, and gameplay elements during the beta session. However, there are chances that the studio may unveil some new content which was not available during the alpha testing.

Fans have started speculating on the arrival of new content. The developer has already revealed four maps for the game. The maps include Amiens, The Saint Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa and Empire?s Edge. More information about these maps can be found here.

It is possible that the company will introduce a new game mode. On its official website, it has confirmed three game modes which are Conquest, Domination and the recently unveiled Operation. EA Dice suggests for fans to check back for updates as one more game mode is about to arrive.

Grondal has not shared any specific details regarding the new content coming to the game, so it is better to wait for the official announcement. Fans are expecting EA DICE to announce more info at Gamescom 2016. Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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