Battlefield 1 Livestream: EA Gameplay Showcase And 64-Player Battles At EA Play

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Battlefield 1 Livestream

On June 12, EA will hold a Battlefield 1 livestream of the 64-player battles and publicly showcase its new systems and gameplay before its release in October. Invited players include Battlefield video content makers on YouTube and Twitch, the director of Xbox Programming, and even recording artists. Here?s the official site about the upcoming event.

This livestream may finally show some of the teased and even its?rumored features of Battlefield 1. Players can finally see EA?s effort on historical accuracy and game balance in the upcoming World War 1 first-person shooter. This show could also be an opportunity for players to determine the best weapons, vehicles, or tactics to use in the actual game. However, the show may just cover the upcoming game?s multiplayer mode and not reveal much of the title?s lore or campaign mode because it has to accommodate the 64-player battle. The Battlefield 1 64-player battles will be done on Xbox One consoles.

With its roster choice, EA may be opting for mere fun in Battlefield 1 instead of eSports as it appears to not have recruited professional gamers in first-person shooters for the teams. Most of the players are entertainers by profession, so clean fun may be the prime objective of the battle. Battlefield fans won?t have to worry about sloppy plays from the invited players as the YouTube and Twitch personalities have decent gaming skills as they get to play a variety of games when they produce content for their channel. The others are actually Battlefield guide makers who give tips on better moves and tactics, such as LevelCap from Team Neebs. Currently, both Team Stone and Team Neebs have yet to fill their team?s roster, unless more than one player will represent the invited YouTuber groups.

This 64-player Battlefield 1 livestream will be shown on the EA Play?s site on June 12, 2 pm, Pacific Time. Since some of the YouTube and Twitch streamers were invited, there might be a chance to see the battles through the eyes of certain streamers, but the whole match will be shown on EA Play?s Livestream. Additionally, EA may announce more details about Battlefield 1 at E3, so keep watching.

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