Battlefield 1 Leak: Single Player Campaign Details, Character Classes, And More Revealed

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Battlefield 1 Leak

Recently, Reddit user Lobix300 supposedly leaked asset details of the upcoming Battlefield 1 on the game?s subreddit. The Battlefield 1 leak has only gone so far as dropping the names of the weapons and other items in the game, but it doesn?t include any images. However, it has a tentative list of the upcoming content and soundbytes of the Battlefield 1 features.

On Lobix300?s Reddit thread, a full list of weapons, campaigns, soundtrack, character class information, and battlepack names can be seen, which were supposedly lifted from Battlefield 1 assets. Lobix300 also posted Google Drive and Dropbox links filled with assorted Battlefield 1 sounds and music. Despite Lobix300 claiming that he didn?t sign any Non-Disclosure Agreement with EA for not having a Battlefield 1 copy, we?ll still have to wait for EA?s move on this supposed Battlefield 1 leak.

TBattlefield 1 leak covers the game?s campaign episodes? chapters. The upcoming game may have at least six main episodes which are divided into three or four chapters each.

Both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline received bad reviews for their campaign modes during their respective heydays. With a touch of historical and fictional elements, Battlefield 1 may be able to pull off a better job than its predecessors due to its potential in coming up with entertaining historical twists, similar to the Assassin?s Creed series.

Previously, Battlefield 1 gameplay was only seen on the Battlefield 1 Squads last E3. YouTubers and celebrities were invited to play an early build of the game, which showcased the title?s features so far. Planes, airships, historically inaccurate fast land vehicles, full automatic prototype guns, and a fast-paced gameplay were seen in the Battlefield 1 Squads matches. With the leaked list from Lobix300, players can somehow confirm for themselves if certains World War 1 weapony made it in the game as EA made sound assets for it.

Battlefield 1 from Electronic Arts will be released on October 21, so we still have at least three months or the next official EA announcement to debunk or prove these rumors from Lobix300.

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