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Battlefield 1: All Game Modes And Maps Confirmed So Far

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Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts has officially confirmed the Battlefield 1 maps and game modes after the E3 2016 press conference. The company has partially announced the modes and multiplayer maps for the upcoming first-person shooter. EA will release more maps in the future, but the confirmed ones feature Italy and France. As the game is set in World War I, the cities featured in the map are war-torn.

The first map for Battlefield 1 is Amiens, where the German and British forces fight in the French city. The city of Amiens will feature a claustrophobic environment, in the courthouse along bridges, alleyways, and railways.

St. Quentin Scar is the second map of Battlefield 1, which gives opportunities for air battle. It features the village of Travecy, which is cut by trenches. The German army will have to make their way through the British line in this map to enter the village which is untouched by the war.

The third map in Battlefield 1 is Monte Grappa. It features the aerial battles in the Venetian Alps where the Zeppelins can roam the sky and lay waste to its foes. The massive fort of Austro-Hungarian Empire set in this map is an ideal place for players to fight. Players can make use of the fort cannons while the opponents will be struggling to take the fort back.

Empire’s Edge map, which is the fourth among all the revealed maps so far. It is set in Italy, featuring the beautiful coast of Adriatic. A massive fight will take take place here until the forces knock down the remains of Italy’s Great War.

Regarding the game modes, EA has confirmed two of them: Conquest and Domination. Conquest will feature a large-scale battle with up to 64 players, while Domination will feature on-foot battles with objectives in small locations. EA is also planning to release a third mode called Operations, PCGamer reports. According to the details revealed by the company, players will have to push forward until they conquer the entire map. The Operations map will interconnect battles in a series of tasks.

EA DICE will release Battlefield 1 on October 21 this year. The developer has already confirmed many gameplay features, but we hope to see some more in the near future.

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