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Battlefield 1 Fall Update Live! What’s New In November Patch

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Battlefield 1 Fall Update

The Battlefield 1 Fall update is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The latest update brings significant changes to the game. The fall update will bring some general fixes along with some improvements in UI and graphics on all the three platforms. As scheduled, the servers went down for the update, and EA Dice successfully implemented it. Here are the changes and improvements you can expect from the Battlefield 1 November patch.

General Changes and Improvements

EA Dice has fixed the client crash issues and has also address the soft freeze bug that used to occur in the single player campaign. Matchmaking bug has also been fixed as the players used to get stuck on the globe screen when they cancel the matchmaking. Additionally, the latest Battlefield 1 Fall update addresses the problems where the weapon skins were not being removed even after the weapons were scrapped.

As the Battlefield 1 Fall update has just gone live, patch notes for?the update are still not available. But as claimed by the developer, players won?t be facing ?The Insider? Dog Tag missing issues, and class rank will also work flawlessly. Specifically for the PC players, EA confirms that the problems with the A and X button when using an Xbox One controller will no longer exist after this update.

UI and Graphics Improvements

EA Dice has brought fixes for some of the most annoying issues that include disappearance of objects in ?Through Mud and Blood? War Story. Additionally, the problem of wrong info being showcased on screen has also been resolved with the Fall update. After downloading the Battlefield 1 Fall update, players will see improvements in text placement, and the issue with placeholders appearing on loading screen will also won?t exist.

Other changes and improvements include the fixes for content overlapping and inability to load the screen at various points in the game. The update is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can expect to see the official patch notes?here.

Update: The update on Origin?reportedly weighs 1.61GB. The full patch notes can be found here.

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