Battlefield 1 Early Access Beta Start Time Announced! What To Expect From The Open Beta

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Battlefield 1 Early Access

Recently, official EA social media accounts confirmed that the upcoming Battlefield 1 Early Access Beta is due in a few?hours from now. Players can now experience?the Battlefield 1 gameplay earlier if they?ve registered as a Battlefield Insider. Here?s what to expect from the upcoming Open Beta.

The Start Time

According to iWhiteWolfe?s thread on the Battlefield 1 Reddit, the Battlefield 1 will go live at approximately 2AM Australian Eastern Time on August 31. It?ll arrive at 12 noon Eastern Time on August 30 for both North American and European players. Battlefield 1 fans may need not start installing the game at wee hours of the day.

The Installation

Battlefield 1 Early Access starts later, but getting the code early means you can install the beta early too. ?According to the Battlefield 1 Reddit, the Battlefield 1 Early Access Beta codes are being sent out. Fans have confirmed that the beta?s file size PC download is 7.10GB, while the Xbox One is 6.16 GB. Activating these codes early is handy since you won?t need to wait for the beta to appear first in the store to download and install it on your console.

Bugs and Glitches

Similar to most early access games, the?Battlefield 1 Early Access Beta could be filled with bugs and glitches. However, it?ll be best to trigger them as much as possible so you?ll have evidence of them and report these to the developers. This will ensure that they?ll be fixed before the game?s release. Focus on playing good competitive matches in the game?s release, as gameplay issues are expected in beta tests.

World War 1 Gameplay

Battlefield 1 is a First Person Shooter set in a World War 1. Previous reveals have shown prototype guns, vintage weapons, and other World War 1 technology that?ll cover a layered system of tactical warfare. Similar to previous Battlefield entries, Battlefield 1 will have an assortment of World War 1 vehicles like horses, biplanes, early tanks, and airships for players to use.?The open beta will have two game modes and the Sinai Desert map.

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