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Battlefield 1 DLC Reveals On April 6, EA Dice Teases A Few Surprises

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battlefield 1 dlc
Battlefield 1 DLC is coming soon. [Image from official Battlefield website]

It looks like we will finally learn more details about some of the upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC on April 6. The game’s developer DICE confirmed that we would be seeing more details on the game’s expansion and more this month. Fans have been waiting patiently for a reason to buy the season pass and April 6 might give them one.

A fan shared the post on the game’s subreddit, immediately exciting them for the game’s future DLC and more. While the company was vague on details for the extra content, details for the expansions were confirmed, pleasing the fans. Given how popular the game is, expect the DLC to be just as popular, assuming it’s actually good.

Battlefield Won

Now that the game has received critical acclaim, there’s no better time to bring up more Battlefield 1 DLCs. Fans are already enjoying the game’s massive multiplayer, which have plenty of modes and weapons for players to use. The expansion packs should only increase the game’s already high popularity, given the amount of praise the online multiplayer got.

Currently, the only expansion available is They Shall Not Pass, which added more weapons and the French Army. Fans that purchase the premium pass will gain access to these expansions two weeks before launch, so that’s something. Here is hoping that the release dates for the upcoming expansions are also touched upon this week.

Expanding War

Since we will be seeing more Battlefield 1 DLC details on April 6, there’s a good chance that we will get a release date or two for other expansions. Like They Shall Not Pass, fans can expect new weapons, as well as new armies to use in multiplayer.They might not sound like great content, but it does add some variety to the World War-based shooter.

It seems like these DLC packs take some time to make, but they seem to be worth it in the long run, since the Battlefield games have plenty of replayability. Some fans still play Battlefield 4 to this day, though it’s doubtful the same thing can be said about Hardline. With all of the upcoming content coming out soon, it seems like fans will be playing Battlefield 1 for quite some time.

Battlefield 1 is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Players can get the premium pass now if they want to get the expansions of the game right away.

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