Battlefield 1 Campaign: Characters You Will Use In The Single Player Mode

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Battlefield 1

Most first person shooters often net their fanbase through their extensive multiplayer systems. The Battlefield 1 single player mode is definitely happening, as seen on Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) entry. Here?s what we know about the upcoming characters in Battlefield 1?s campaign mode.

Four characters

According to Battlefield 1?s ESRB entry, the players will play as a ?fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner in order to complete missions.? At best, players will experience a single player campaign that covers both Infantry and Vehicle missions.

Vehicle Missions

Battlefield 1?s vehicle missions may encourage vehicle to vehicle warfare. The?vehicle missions may allow the player to practice vehicle control without compromising multiplayer matches. Planes are often difficult to understand for new players, so the game?s campaign may help them and it might be?an unofficial training ground for multiplayer. Tanks and other ground vehicles may be easier to use, but surviving long periods of time and efficient vehicle use is another thing. Players that aren?t confident with their vehicle skills should opt to play Battlefield 1?s campaign first before rushing into multiplayer.

Infantry Missions

Infantry missions may involve flanking enemy platoons and units. It may also have waypoint running rather than mostly leading decisive pushes toward important points. The ?Rebel Soldier? campaign may involve many textbook cases of guerilla warfare which uses area advantage and hit-and-run for players to gain the upper hand. Meanwhile, the ?Message Runner? campaign may involve players aiming to run from one point to another while keeping themselves alive through heavy enemy fire. Both infantry campaigns may also translate into effective tactics and survival basics in multiplayer if players finish the Battlefield 1?campaign missions.

Mostly, the Battlefield 1 single player mode may just be a large tutorial mode for new players aiming to play multiplayer. Battlefield?s multiplayer gameplay might be overwhelming for new players due to the large maps and long respawn time. The game?s maps are too large for players to repeatedly grind battle experience. At times, simply having a strong offense may not work as the game rewards winning points to the team which controls more points efficiently.?

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