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Battlefield 1

Due to Battlefield 1?s World War 1 setting, biplanes and airships will mostly comprise the game?s air vehicle gameplay. EA?s E3 2016 show promoted their upcoming game through an early preview of the 64-player multiplayer match. ?EA invited some active YouTube personalities who mostly make gaming guides. Here?s what we know so far about the Air Gameplay in the upcoming Battlefield 1, based on PonylionHD?s video.

According to PonylionHD?s video, players will have access to planes and airships in Battlefield 1. This entry will have biplanes to use for players to take control of the airspace of their current map. Meanwhile, airships will be large and slow-moving blimps can drop bombs to help alleviate heavy objective camping and apply constant pressure to ground players.

Both teams will have to take down each other?s planes and airships is not just for raking in points and air supremacy. Winning air fights will also help reduce pressure off their team, open up safer pathways for their ground infantry and tanks, and even manual map scouting duties in case of competitive clan play.

As said in another of PonylionHD?s video, planes have three categories: the attack plane, the bomber plane, and the fighter plane. The attack plane is the general ?all-around? plane as it can gun down both air and land targets and drop bombs. It is also decently fast. This plane is a perfect middle ground for dogfighting and dealing heavy damage against airships in the air and strafe running and bombing targets on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Fighter plane is smaller and faster than Attack planes, but it has a weaker damage output. It has advantage in speed and accuracy in the air due to its small size and its gun which deals steady shots even at a far range. Additionally, fighter planes can swoop in and run over enemy soldiers traveling on open areas without crashing in the process.

Lastly, the Bomber plane is the slowest of all planes but has maximum damage output due to its two gunner seats on each wing and its ability to bomb areas. This plane is often an easy target due to its speed, but it has the potential to be more reliable and discreet than the airship in bombing areas, so it?s still worth driving in the game.

The Airplane duels are often fast-paced and ?high-risk, high-reward? due to the plane?s speeds and low resilience to sustained damage. Players will often have to rely on their maneuvering technique and mobility to take down enemy planes from any side and angle. Meanwhile, bombs from planes are said to bounce off the ground for a while instead of exploding on contact, so players should not use them against foes with plenty of room to run for cover or run away.

In Battlefield 1, Air Gameplay may decide whole matches by controlling the odds of comebacks of players through swift reinforcements from the skies. Additionally, air vehicle specialties help players take the vehicles seriously as valuable air reinforcements instead of treating them as disposable vehicles for quickly getting into position. We?ll see if this system will prove to be effective for players once the game releases on October 21.

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