BattleCry: A Breath of Fresh Air

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Bethesda Softworks and developer BattleCry Studios have a really cool and interesting take on a multiplayer combat game. It?s a bit different from the typical online shooter and more of a melee focused type of action.

The game is BattleCry and it is an online multiplayer action game for the pc. The game can have up to 32 players battling it out in team based combat. The game is class based and has nice styles to characters. It is similar to other games like Team Fortress 2 but the interesting take of the game is that the backstory disallows gunpowder, meaning there will be no rifles, guns, rocket launchers, and all those gunpowder explosive stuff. In their place, fighters will battle it out using swords, crossbows, daggers, and mechanical hard hitting metal fists.

According to the developer, BattleCry will be a free to play game but will be very different from what a lot of other developers are doing in the category. BattleCry will be Bethesda?s first free to play game.

Lucas Davis, Design Director at BattleCry Studios, mentioned that: ?We’ve created a strong, distinct multiplayer experience, a new type of action game with fast frenetic multiplayer set in a beautiful world?. They are aiming for a balance between ranged and melee combat and mentioned that they got some inspiration from third person action games and brawlers which are genres that aren?t often used in online multiplayer games.

BattleCry is set in the early 20th century and the world?s superpowers have come to an agreement about how to do combat. Gunpowder is banned in war as a condition of The Black Powder Treaty. With the treaty, guns are no longer allowed. Chemical weapons and bombs are also not allowed. Soldiers will be fighting each other in ranged or close combat in personal battles using the technology that is available to them.

There are designated WarZones for these fights to happen. These WarZones are compartmentalized spaces where highly trained soldiers fight it out for glory and honor for the faction of their choosing.

Check out their trailer below.

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The concept is a refreshing take on an online multiplayer game and should get fans excited for its release sometime in 2015. The game should be playable at this year?s E3.

Photo Source: BattleCry website

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