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Battleborn introduces the new Incursion mode

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While the beta is still ongoing, check out the new game mode that was introduced.

The MOBA/FPS game Battleborn has introduced a really new game mode to add more mayhem to the already impressive game. It is basically simplified MOBA-esque game mechanics where you need to march your minions into the enemy base and destroy their base. However, the simple mechanics also has its own twists to make the game mode more engaging.

Below is the detailed information about the new Incursion mode along with the gameplay video.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Although kills will grant you XP, your primary targets are those two giant enemy spider Sentry Drones on the other side of the map.

The first enemy Sentry Drone sits just past the midfield point of the map. The second, bigger Sentry Drone is situated at the far end of the map near the enemy team?s base. Destroying the base Sentry Drone ends the game. Each Sentry is marked with a shield icon on the mini-map.

Destroy small and large Shard clusters to collect Shards. Small clusters are available at the start of the game and large clusters spawn after two minutes then respawn two minutes after being destroyed.

Use Shards to purchase buildable tactical structures that are located strategically around the map. These buildables can then be upgraded using Shards to make them more efficient and more resistant to enemy attacks. Buildables will be available to purchase again approximately 20 seconds after they?ve been destroyed.

  • Automatic Turrets

Turrets have different types of offensive armaments and will attack any foe in sight, enemy minions and Battleborn alike.

  • Healing Station

The Healing station will regenerate health over time in an area around the station for the team who purchases it.

  • Accelerators

Accelerators give a speed boost to friendly Battleborn and minions when passing next to them.

  • Super Minions

Super Minions can be purchased in the team?s base and are well worth the Shards. Their ability to sustain and deal more damage than other minions adds additional firepower to your team.

Battleborn will be available on May 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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