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Ready yourself with either magic or steel for this unique fantasy fighting game! Battle Fantasia will lure you into it’s fresh style of art, characters, and stages. With a creative line up of fighters to choose from, including the back story, this one can certainly be worth the import.

Let’s start off with the setting, shall we? It’s a mix of fantasy and science fiction, but more so on the fantasy. For example, a character named Urs uses a hybrid of a chainsaw, light saber and a air board. That’s right, chainsaw + light saber + air board = KICK ASS! And the character does just so. Each stage is a part of the world that you’re in, just like any other fighting game. The detail of the map is hand drawn, which goes well with the rest of the art style, including the characters.

The character roster isn’t that big, but that shouldn’t keep you from playing the game. There’s around 10 to choose from, each with their own style of attacks and taunts. Like almost any other fighting game, you have a range of light to heavy weight fighters. In Story Mode, each character interacts with the other differently during the text sequence, as they should. When you are playing as Death Bringer (an awesome looking black knight), his personality is exact with the look of the character. Meaning, you wouldn’t think that a giant sword swinging avatar of death would take crap from anyone.

There are other options to choose from, such as Gallery, VS CPU, VS 2P, and Network. Now, I haven’t been able to test out the Network mode since I’m having problems connecting with my PS3. Stupid DNS errors… The Gallery mode consists of Movies, concept art, and credits. While those are nifty to look at, it’d be a better idea if you were able to download themes and icons from the game to your PS3 console.

Now for the telling of the other side of the coin. While the character art is pretty to stare at, the controls feel “clunky”. You will have a tough time controlling what your character as opposed to the CPU. So while you’re trying to pull off a sweet special attack, the CPU will pulverize the crap out of you with cheap shots and special attacks. Even if you do master a few moves, if not all for ONE character, you still have that issue where the CPU has a quicker response to your actions than a fighting game should have on NORMAL MODE. Then again, I’m not one of those gamers that are great with fighting games, so this can be considered a minor issue.

Granted that the awkward controls do raise the scale of difficulty, but it shouldn’t to a degree where you feel cheated out of a good game. There is another problem with the size of the characters in terms of the size of the stage itself. Although the stage can be extended to a certain point as you move your character around, it still doesn’t solve the problem that the bigger characters seem to fill 2/4 of the freakin’ screen. If the characters were cut down half their size, including the smaller ones, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

The lack of characters to choose from is another problem, but since I haven’t beaten the damn game, due to many other Japanese games I’ve imported, I’ll leave this one alone for now. I just hope there are more characters to unlock.

So other than that, it’s a well-rounded game with much potential if it were to be released state side. Adding in more characters, keeping the Network Mode, sizing down the characters, and taking care of that “clunky” or “slow” response in the controls. I really like the game and anyone who is a fan of fighting games should import it as well.


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