No ‘Batman:Arkham Knight’ for Wii U. Why?

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Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight


Batman: Arkham Knight will never make its way to older consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is pretty much understandable at some point. This is due to technical issues regarding the entirety of the game itself, but it won?t make its way into the Wii U either. All this for one reason. The Batmobile.

In a recent interview with NowGamer, Dax Ginn from Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteddy, said that the Batmobile was the very reason why the new installment of their game will never make it on other last gen consoles and even the Wii U as well.

?It was the one thing we hadn?t done. Once we decided we were going to commit to the Batmobile, all these other technical decisions were made for us.?

The man explained that the Batmobile is going to be a ?power fantasy? for gamers. It should be delivered properly and with what they have envisioned for this feature, it will need a huge amount of processing power which, unfortunately, last gen consoles and the Wii U don?t have access to.

?It?s the power fantasy of driving this legendary vehicle; if it can only do a top speed of 25 mph, that?s not the power fantasy and that?s why we couldn?t have done that previously.?

When they were asked specifically why this new Batman game won?t make it on Wii U, Ginn simply said that the Wii U, unfortunately, can?t dish out the performance they need it to provide to showcase Batmobile?s features. He added that his team chose platforms that has the technology that will be able to deliver what they have in mind for the Batmobile.

This pretty much means that the latest Batman game from Rocksteddy would be all about the Batmobile. In a good way hopefully, as this has caused potential returning players without the next gen console a halt on their take with Arkhams City?s caped crusader.

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