The Biggest Changes in Batman Vs Superman Ultimate Cut Version

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Batman Vs Superman

Warner Bros made a Batman Vs Superman Ultimate Cut version just a few weeks ago which created quite a buzz online. Fans and critics alike got a glimpse of the biggest reveals on the film that had the cut version had added.

Comic Book Movie reports the biggest changes from the Batman Vs Superman Ultimate Cut version. It was observed that the leak from the Ultimate Cut version didn?t get the traction that it needed. It will tackle the real motives behind Lex Luthor?s plan, a link to David Ayer?s Suicide Squad and the real identity behind the character of Jena Malone.

Overall, the fight scenes are now extended and the storyline now has a much more sensible flow to it. A great deal of the screen time was covered by Batman with a couple more scenes with Alfred. ?There was even a revealing scene where Bruce Wayne is taking a shower. It generally now has more quality to it with the added cut scenes.

The first change to consider is that Superman?s character didn?t quite match with the comic book version and he was ?too dark.? The added scenes improved that character where Clark Kent is seen investigating about Batman. This also somehow made him seem like a very capable journalist. More heroic actions on Superman were given more focus. Superman actually saves victims amidst all the trouble. Clark?s funeral shows Pete Ross and Lana Lang along with The Daily Planet staff. The shocker there is that Bruce Wayne shouldered all the expenses.


The second change is where Lex Luthor says that he knows the identity of Batman to be Bruce Wayne and taunts him for it. Batman then made arrangements to have Lex placed in the Arkham Asylum, giving Batman the last laugh. Because of this there is a great possibility that he will meet the Joker in the Suicide Squad.


The third change is the revelation behind the senate hearing. Where the suicide bomber didn?t actually commit suicide but was framed by Lex Luthor. Luthor secretly planted the bomb in his wheelchair and lined it up with lead so Superman couldn?t detect it. Bomb-making materials were planted in his apartment with graffiti showing he was anti-Superman.

The fourth change is that Jena Malone wasn?t actually playing a major character. She works at S.T.A.R. Labs and helped Lois Lane solve the puzzle of the bullet she recovered from the desert, which later on connects to the plan of Lex Luthor. It was more of a subplot. While Jimmy Olsen was said to have a light scene with Lois, which was somehow needed in the movie.

The fifth change that was observed is how Lex Luthor framed Superman. The slaughtering of armed terrorists which was blamed on the Man of Steel shows Anatoli Knyazev burning the bodies to make it look like they were incinerated through heat vision. While the villager who testified about it was actually an actress hired by Lex who was later disposed off because of a change of heart. She was able to tell Senator Finch the truth about Lex?s plan.

Ultimately, the revelations of the Batman Vs Superman Ultimate Cut version had somehow shed more light to the movie and its? storyline. What do you think about it?

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