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Batman Vs Superman: The Man Of Steel Can Buy Off The Dark Knight And We Have Proof To Show [INFOGRAPHIC]

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With only a few more weeks to go before the epic battle, Batman Vs Superman, and talks about our favorite super heroes have begun. Well here’s another one:

People always think that Batman is richer than Superman. This is usually because Batman?s alter ego is the millionaire playboy that is Bruce Wayne.

But we did a little bit of research, and there?s good reason to believe that Superman can give Batman a run for his money (infographic below). From the robots in his Fortress of Solitude, to the fact that he can pretty much live forever, Clark Kent has plenty of potential assets that could put Bruce?s corporation to shame.

One of Clark?s biggest assets is his alien heritage. The technology from his home planet of Krypton is far more advanced than anything on Earth, which means that there?s plenty of science to be mined there.

There?s also the fact that Clark can?t get hurt, and he can fly. Bruce doesn?t have these powers, so he has to rely on third-party health care and man-made transportation. And when he gets old, he will need servants to care for him.

Clark, on the other hand, has an invulnerability to a lot of forces?including age. Some comics have shown that he is virtually immortal so long as the sun in our solar system is yellow. So he doesn?t have to worry about old-age healthcare, nor about getting sick.

And if the two characters were to break the fourth wall, and sell mint condition issues of their first comics, Superman would have a better chance of making more money than Batman, by virtue of the fact that both of his comics are just more valuable.

There?s plenty of other data pointing to Superman?s financial superiority to Batman. So read on, and find out in the infographic below just how much Superman?s untapped monetary potential overshadows that of Batman?s.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice release date is on Mar. 20, along with China and the UK.


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