Batman v Superman Update: No Doomsday, Man Of Steel Fight Vs Dark Knight 1949 trailer, And LexCorp Wants Your Personal Information

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There are still tons of undisclosed plot details on Batman v Superman and this has led to many wild rumors such as The Joker being played by a deranged Robin and Doomsday appearing in the film via Lex Luthor resurrecting general Zod?s body. One of the two rumors have now been debunked by a 3D artist who works on the Batman v Superman movie.

Batman v Superman Update: No Doomsday

3D artists Sean Ray has confirmed on Instagram that Doomsday will not appear in the movie, Batman News reported. Ray acknowledged that Doomsday might still appear in future DC movies such as the Justice or Man of Steel 2. Ray?s statement has now been removed from Instagram, the report said.

Man of Steel Vs Dark Knight 1949 Trailer

Batman and Superman have both been beating baddies on the big screen since 1940s. They however were unable to star together in a movie. New York Magazine?s Vulture has now lifted clips from the movies starring Kirk Alyn as Superman in 1948 and Lewis Wilson as Batman in 1943, Cinemablend reported.

The mashup portrays Superman as superhero gone wild as he kills Louis Lane and murders innocent civilians. Meanwhile, Batman is the only one left to protect the city against the Man of Steel. The makers of the trailer did an excellent job in telling an interesting twist to the story and they were able to respectably place the two heroes side-by-side and fight against one another.

Be Up To Date

A LexCorp website has been upped and inside the site, you can register and send your email to receive ?the latest information on Lex/OS soon,? Batman News reported. By doing this, you?ll probably receive all the latest news about Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. The LexCorp also teases to show ?a lot? this Winter 2015.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will hit cinemas on March 25, 2016.

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