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Batman V Superman New Trailer: Batman Looks Scared Of Superman

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With less than two weeks before Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice takes the center stage, an international trailer was released and it featured a lot of actions and never before seen clips from the upcoming movie.

Watch the full Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice– Korean Final Trailer.

There are already past trailers that have been released as the fans await the most exciting showdown between the DC superheroes. However, what made this Korean trailer different is that it featured the two characters in a most epic battle scenes the supporters should anticipate.

The trailer starts with a voice over of Jesse Eisenberg?s Lex Luthor saying ?the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world? as the main characters face each other in a very stormy weather. Aside from that, here are the other scenes the teaser showcases as reported by Variety.

According to the outlet, Batman approaches a desert fortress, which strengthens previous rumors that the movie will feature one of the most horrible villains in the DC universe, Darkseid. The fortress that Batman went into is somehow similar to the villain?s home, Apokolips. With that being mentioned, is there a chance that Affleck?s character has opted to ask for help from the villain? Or, is he there to defeat Darkseid?

Another scene the trailer shows is a newspaper sent to Batman with a note saying ?you let your family die? written in red. Variety reported that although the Joker still has to wait for his debut later this year, it seems like Jared Leto?s character is already toying with the Dark Knight in the movie.

But, personally, the most interesting clip in the Batman V Superman latest trailer is the last part. After the the two superheroes exchange blows in different scenes, including a big explosion, the Dark Knight seems exhausted as Superman quickly walks towards him. Based on Batman?s expression, it can be assumed that he has realized it is impossible for him to defeat Henry Cavill?s character, especially when the latter loses his wits. However, we can also expect that the Dark Knight will not back down that easy as he possesses this pride more than anyone.

As things get more intense, there is really no other way to know the outcome of the showdown. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit the big screens on March 25.


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