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Batman Telltale Series Plot: Is It Based On ?The Long Halloween??

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Batman Telltale Series

It might not have the Arkham name or voice actor Kevin Conroy, but there?s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming Batman Telltale Series. In terms of graphical quality, it?s the best-looking game that Telltale has released so far, and balancing the lives of both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman (or is it vice versa?) sounds fun.

One interesting thing to take note of is the cast that has been announced and the characters that they will play, all of whom have appeared in the acclaimed Batman: The Long Halloween graphic novel. Telltale revealed that Troy Baker will voice Batman, Travis Willingham for Harvey ?Two Face? Dent, Erin Yvette for Vicki Vale and so on. Since all of these characters have appeared in the aforementioned graphic novel, it?s easy to assume that the game will be partially based on it.

The Long Halloween was a murder mystery that centered on the Holiday Killer, someone who killed a number of high-profile gangsters throughout the 12-issue maxi-series. Admittedly, the mystery wasn?t solved too well in the comic, since it added a ton of Gotham villains for Batman to fight in the end, but that is something that the Batman Telltale Series can rectify.

Unfortunately, the graphics don?t match the lovely art style Tim Sale used for the graphic novel, and the character designs seem to be based on newer versions of the characters, though Batman doesn?t have his DC Rebirth costume. That being said, The Long Halloween?s murder mystery would fit very well with a Telltale series, as the developer?s Fables game was a fairly decent crime-oriented rump.

With five episodes in the season, there could be a lot of interesting turns that the unrevealed story can take. It could start out like Batman: The Long Halloween but end very differently. Telltale games have done a stellar job with their moral choice system in recent years, and it will be interesting to see what type of decisions Batman will have to face in this game. It seems like he won?t be able to use detective mode this time around.

Fans will be able to see the Batman Telltale Series this summer, when the first episode hits home consoles and computers, though specific platforms have yet to be named. Those who want a more action-packed Batman game can pick up the Return to Arkham collection next month for PS4 and Xbox One.

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