Batman Return To Arkham: Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Expect

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There was a collective sigh that could be heard around the world when it was announced that Batman Return to Arkham would be delayed. Fans had been anticipating the remastered versions of these titles for some time, so the fact that it has been delayed indefinitely is disappointing. While fans are hoping that the collection will be worth it, they better not get their hopes up that there will be more to the collection.

At most, the collection will run at 1080p and up to 60fps, so it will look great. The improved textures and lighting should also make both games feel more atmospheric, capturing the sense of dread in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Fans expecting it to look just as good as Arkham Knight are in for a huge disappointment though, since this is simply a remaster and not a remake.

Disappointingly, Batman Return to Arkham will not have Arkham Origins in it. While it was the weakest of the three, it was also a fairly decent game in its own right. Arkham Origins also has the best boss fights in the series, making the ones in Arkham City look weak in comparison. The fight against Firefly is a highlight for those who’ve played it.

Expecting any bonus DLC will also lead to disappointment. Both games will already have all of their DLC in them and that’s all. While Arkham Asylum?s DLC is just okay with a few new challenge maps, the sequel’s is much better, with tons of costumes and a new story campaign called Harley’s Revenge. The DLC in Arkham City also added Nightwing and Robin to the mix, making the Challenge Maps more fun to play.

While the Arkham remaster’s delay was very disappointing, Rocksteady has seemingly tried making amends by releasing the Arkham Knight Game of the Year edition. This collected all the season pass DLC but was not given a North American release, which confused some.

Batman Return to Arkham still has no release date, so fans who miss these titles are better off replaying Arkham Knight. Here is hoping that the collection plays smoothly on current-gen consoles.

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