Batman Day 2015: Fans Celebrate On Wrong Day? Know The Highlights Here

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Last weekend it was a special day for Batman, but some believed it was the wrong day.

Apparently DC created a special holiday for Batman as their way to market more merchandise with the Caped Crusader branding. However some believed that DC is celebrating the wrong day to make the special day for Batman, and last year, DC celebrated the special day on July 23, but based on the timing of the day, it was meant to coincided with San Diego Comic Con, so there was no significance on the date, September 25 has no special meaning on the date as well. So what is the real Batman Day? We found some important details, and here are the two of these important days.


March 30

According to Batman fan site, March 30 could have been the better date for Batman day as this was the day when Batman first made his appearance on Detective Comics issue no. 27 in 1939. A photo provided by MTV shows a document of the Copyright Registrations of printed publications in 1939 where it also reveals the date on when Detective Comics # 27 was published in America. Originally some speculated that May 1 was the original date of the released of issue #27, but with the confirmed date from this rare document, March 30 was supposed to be Batman day.


June 26

However, some are saying that the real Batman day should be on June 26. In an article by Kotaku, that was the day when both Thomas and Martha Wayne, were killed right in front of Bruce Wayne when he was a little boy. A special issue of Batman called Batman Special #1 gave a hint on the date when Bruce?s parents were murdered, on this issue, it introduces another character called the Wrath who is an assassin that kills law enforcement officers, and his next target was Gotham?s Commissioner Gordon. Wrath?s origin was similar to Batman, except his parents died at the hands of a police officer, hence his hatred towards the law enforcement where he vows to killed every single of them, an opposite to Batman?s where he vows to eliminate crime without actually killing.

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