Batman Arkham Remaster Release Date Announced In New Trailer, Return To Arkham On PS4 And Xbox One

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After numerous leaks, Rocksteady has finally announced the Batman Arkham remaster collection, called ?Batman: Return to Arkham?. This collection has the first two games in the series ? Arkham Asylum and Arkham City ? along with all of the DLC collected for both games. As is the case with remasters, the game has been upgraded to 1080p/60fps, so it will look great on a flat screen television.

Furthermore, Return to Arkham will be remastered using Unreal Engine 4; making the two games look better than ever. This is quite the statement, since both games already looked incredible on last-gen consoles and Windows PC, but developer Virtuos has done it.

Virtuos has had plenty of experience in the remastering business. The studio has worked on Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD and the recent Heavy Rain remaster. Virtuos has done a good job with making past games look great on current-gen consoles and Return to Arkham is no exception.

Gear Nuke has comparison shots of the last-gen version of the game and Batman: Return to Arkham. Needless to say, the latter looks wonderful and fans who?ve missed these two games will have a blast playing it, especially after they?ve beaten Batman: Arkham Knight.

It?s somewhat disappointing that Batman: Arkham Origins was left out of the Return to Arkham collection. Rocksteady might not have developed the game, but it was a solid title in its own right and arguably had the best boss fights in the entire series. Arkham Knight even used some of the villains from Arkham Origins, making the exclusion even odder.

Still, after all the leaks, it?s nice to see Batman: Return to Arkham officially announced. Many fans pondered if a Batman Arkham remaster was even going to happen, so the fact that it is should please fans and new gamers alike. Batman: Return to Arkham comes to the PS4 and Xbox One on July 29.

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