Batman Arkham Remaster PS4 & Xbox One Release Date Delayed

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Batman Arkham Remaster

In rather unfortunate news, Warner Bros Games announced that Batman: Return to Arkham would be delayed. The Batman Arkham remaster was originally scheduled for a July release date on PS4 and Xbox One, but those plans have changed. There is currently no release window for the HD re-release, so fans are in for a long wait.

The news was revealed in the WB Games forum by staff member Steve Grayson, where it was said that the remastered collection will need more time in development. Grayson acknowledged that the news would be disappointing but also pointed out that the extra development time would make for a better gameplay experience.

Fans in the forum have a number of varied responses, with some understanding the situation, while others would like a proper explanation as to why Batman: Return to Arkham is getting delayed. Some fans have pointed out that it might be due to the Batman Arkham remaster using the Unreal 4 Engine, which neither Arkham Asylum nor Arkham City used when both games were released on PC and last-gen consoles.

Some fans are even okay with the move, since they were not pleased with the game?s character models that were revealed when the collection?s first trailer hit the Internet. The remastered visuals of the trailer had downplayed the more colorful aspects of the characters to mixed results. It seems like the delay might be needed after all.

WB Games did not specify the problem and only stated that the game needs more time so that there would be a more polished Batman Arkham remaster experience. The important thing is that the collection gets remastered properly, since a number of remastered game bundles in the past were rushed to consoles without proper development time.

It is somewhat of a shame that the collection is getting delayed, since the remastered collection had been rumored for such a long time. This is definitely disappointing news for fans who were looking forward to the Batman Arkham remaster in July, so here?s hoping that the extra polish makes the game even better than it originally was.

Batman: Return to Arkham will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, just not anytime soon. In the meantime, there is Batman Arkham VR and the new Telltale series of the Dark Knight to look forward to.

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