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Batman Arkham Knight Update 1.14 Released, Combat Is Faster Again

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Fans everywhere were surprised to see that a new Batman: Arkham Knight update started downloading on their PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC out of the blue. Many felt that the game would no longer receive support after the final Crime Fighter Challenge Pack was released, but it seems like they were wrong.

Arkham Knight update 1.14 will supposedly make the combat faster again, after the previous update slowed it down considerably. The Arkham Knight forums released a statement about it afterward, confirming the news.

This has received some mixed opinions among fans of the Arkham community, though the positive seem to outweigh the negative so far. Some of the players love how Batman and his teammates get faster as they defeat waves of thugs, while others feel like it isn?t realistic and makes the ?Caped Crusader? look more like the ?Scarlet Speedster.?

Considering that the game came out last June, it?s good to see Batman: Arkham Knight continuing to get support from developer Rocksteady. If anything, this shows that the developers do listen to their fan base, no matter how minor the complaint is.

Rocksteady also listened to the fans when they wanted Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman and the other characters in the game to be playable in the AR Challenges. Soon, fans got what they wanted in a free update that let players choose any character for any AR challenge. Players who purchased the season pass could add Red Hood, Harley Quinn and Batgirl to the list of playable characters.

It?s not yet known if this will be the last Batman: Arkham Knight update, but more could come if fans demand it or if any problems are found. Expecting any more DLC or free skins is asking too much from Rocksteady, though it?s doubtful anyone would complain about more content.

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Due to the problems of the PC version, the game was cancelled for Mac and Linux.

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