Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Reveals the Batmobile!

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has just released Batman: Arkham Knight?s first gameplay trailer. The trailer focuses on the villains that send Gotham into massive disarray and it also gives a sneak peak into one of Batman?s most iconic piece of hardware, the Batmobile.

The trailer is titled ?Evening the odds? and it starts with a narration from a villain who warns the citizens of Gotham to abandon the city as he threatens to unleash hell and make the city a living nightmare. The city is overrun and the local authorities don?t stand a chance. A voice then comes in to ask Batman: ?What are you doing??. Batman then answers to: ?Evening the odds? and that?s when things get really interesting as he dives down from a tower and calls forth his awesome ride and hops in for a ride.

I don?t think there?s any need to mention how cool the Batmobile is. Although the Batmobile only gets a little scene time, it showcases some awesome detail and maneuverability such as being able to make tight turns and even go through a tunnel almost upside down. The Batmobile?s firepower is shortly displayed as well as it locks and fires a missile onto a target. The Batmobile becomes part of the main gameplay element for the first time in the whole Arkham franchise. Abilities should include being able to drive around Gotham, being able to jump in and out of the Batmobile?s cockpit and of course, being able to use it in vehicular combat. The game gets released sometime this year.

Some of the action that we?ve come to know from the Arkham series are present and you?ll see in the trailer how Batman makes a few villains bite the dust with his martial arts prowess. It?s quite a hard challenge for Batman as he is heavily outnumbered and numerous villains are also shown in the trailer that you?ll most likely have to deal with in the game. The very end of the trailer is also a cliffhanger as Batman gets pinned down and a gun pointed?to his head.

The game is being developed by Rocksteady studios and will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Windows PC.

Photo Source: Batman: Arkham Knight website

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