Batman: Arkham Knight Revealed but that ‘Knight’ is Not Batman

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Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight


If you would hear or see the title ?Batman: Arkham Knight?, obviously, you would think that the game?s going to be about Batman, being in Arkham City again. It pretty much looks like Bruce Wayne learned how to like Arkham City and stayed for a longer while. Indeed, the game will be in Arkham City but the ?Batman? part is going to be misleading to others. This is a Batman game without Batman, or more specifically, Bruce Wayne, being the only guy who?s going to take the spotlight.

Gamers would be like ?What? It says ?Batman: Arkham Knight? so why isn?t the Dark Knight the Knight?? That same question haunted us. But this is exactly what Rocksteddy is trying to pull off here.

Rocksteddy is going to introduce a new major character which will appear in the next Batman game from Rocksteddy. The Arkham Knight was revealed in the last Game Developer?s Conference. Rocksteddy stated that the title ?Batman:Arkham Knight? wasn?t referring to Batman himself, but to a different character altogether.

This futuristic looking Batman-inspired guy was developed by Rocksteddy with the help of DC to get his major debut in the Batman Arkham game series. Not much detail had been revealed yet pertaining to this new character. Much like how the Spider Man of the future resembles Spider Man of the present time in the game ?Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions?.

The new character is not going to be somebody who?s going to fight side-by-side with Bruce Wayne however. He will be more likely to be a major villain in the game, tagging along with popular old-school baddies from the Batman franchise like The Penguin, Two-Face, Ridller and Harlequinn. Of course, ?The Joker, ?since he bit the dust in the last game ?Batman:Arkham City?.

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