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Batman Arkham Knight (Image Credit to Official Batman Arkham Knight Facebook Page)
Batman Arkham Knight (Image Credit to Official Batman Arkham Knight Facebook Page)

Batman: Arkham Knight?s official Facebook page has been updated with new bits and details about the game?s story and this will incite further curiosity about the mystery ?Knight? villain.

In this post, we can see the Arkham Knight in an image where he seems to be giving orders to his private army on starting ?Operation Savior?. Here?s the image?s description as follows:

“To all embedded units in Gotham: Operation Savior has begun. So move out into this damn city and lock it down. I want our hands wrapped tight around Gotham’s throat within the hour.?

What the operation will do is, lock down the entire city and all within an hour. That?s pretty much intimidating for a newcomer.

Since we?ve got plenty of ideas on ?how big the Arkham Knight world is, this also gives us a hint of what the Knight?s army is capable of doing. This will be one heck of a challenge for Bruce in the game.

This also opens up some possibilities about the Knight, working with Scarecrow. Some details are, however, not clear yet. It is a bit of a mystery whether the Knight is working with other villains like Scarecrow too, or if he is just using them to gain access to the city, while discreetly taking the city for his own and eventually ditch the other baddies.

In another post, Comissioner Gordon asked the police to leave and let the caped crusader handle the situation.

?Come in all units. This is Commissioner Gordon. We have numerous hostile tanks deployed across the city. Gotham is under attack! I want everyone off the streets and back to GCPD. We’re not equipped to deal with what’s out there. Thank God there’s someone who is.?

By the looks of things, this seems like an invitation to a war from the Arkham Knight against ?The Night?.

Batman: Arkham Knight is slated to be released next year. No specific month or date has been announced yet, but people can now pre-order the game to get the Harley Quinn Add-on. More details here.

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