Batman Arkham Knight GOTY Edition Now Available For Xbox One And PS4, No US Release Planned?

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Batman Arkham Knight

In a fairly surprising move, Rocksteady has released the Batman Arkham Knight Game of the Year edition on PS4 and Xbox One. What’s really surprising about the release was the lack of any build or hype from the developers, which fans were expecting. This might be due to the fact that it will not come to the US.

According to some Reddit users, the Game of the Year edition is only available in various countries. The game has already arrived in Germany, Italy and Australia, so fans there can have all the game’s overpriced DLC in one package, which is a great deal for those who have not played the game yet.

The DLC included in the Batman Arkham Knight Game of the Year edition include all the costumes, including the PS4 exclusive skins and the Batman V Superman suit, along with the various AR Challenges and extra story content. This was expected of course, but it is still nice to see the game finally be complete in one package.

Why the game isn’t coming to the US is still unknown. The same thing happened to a version of Batman: Arkham Origins, which had all the DLC but was only released in countries outside the US. This is a pretty weird move since some US fans were waiting for this version of the game, so it looks like they will have to order it from online stores if they want to get it.

The complete experience is now available in certain countries.

Fans in the US who are disappointed should know that the game is now cheaper on the PSN store, so they might want to check it out if they haven’t already. The game itself costs US$19.99, as does the season pass. It seems like Rocksteady listened to the fan outrage about the overpriced season pass, so it was wise to decrease the price.

Batman Arkham Knight Game of the Year edition is available now for PS4 and Xbox One only, since the PC version was a mess. This shouldn’t be a huge problem since the PS4 and Xbox One have no region locks, but it is still a bit odd how it didn’t get a US release.

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