Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Includes Red Hood Story

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It was first rumored that Batman: Arkham Knight would feature an add-on story pack which starred the violent vigilante Red Hood. The rumor was first mentioned due to an alleged leak from GameStop promotional materials.

In Batman: Arkham Knight, what was known previously was that Harley Quinn would be playable in a DLC. Now though, it seems like the Red Hood Story Pack will also be included and players will be able to ?play as the ruthless vigilante.? It looks as though the pack is part of a pre-order bonus and is exclusive to GameStop.


GameStop started stirring up rumors and teasers with a blurry image tweet of what looked like the Red hood character from the featured image. The tweet said that there would be an announcement connected to the image as well as a ?big game? coming today.

Looking at Batman lore, Red Hood is a character whose identity frequently changed but one of the very first incarnations of the character was as the Joker?s original form in the Detective Comics series. He went on to abandon the disguise after turning into the green haired madman due to accidental contact with toxic chemicals. Then when Jason Todd, one of the former Robins, was brought back from the dead years later, he beat up Joker and took on the mantle of Red Hood. With Jason Todd as Red Hood, he placed fear into the hearts of the crime gangs of Arkham City with his vigilante activities. He was mainly known for being quite aggressive and heavily favoring guns.

GameStop has went on to confirm that the pre-orders of Batman: Arkham Knight through the retailer will receive the exclusive Red Hood story pack where they can play as the red capped, gun wielding vigilante.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set for launch in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and the Xbox One.

Photo Source: GameStop twitter and Batman: Arkham Knight youtube channel

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