Batman AA Promo Videos on Blu-Ray Disc

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I was messing around just now with the XMB and noticed that there were 8 videos on the Batman Arkham Asylum BD that can be viewed from the Video section of the XMB. The videos are in 1080p even though the game is in 720p. Go figure.

The reason why this really amazed me was because I thought that the God of War Collection was going to be the first title to do this based on what John Hight said in an IGN interview.

All of the content that was in God of War 1 was in the playable image, and that will be in there. With God of War II, we actually had a separate DVD that had some bonus content in it, and what we’re exploring with that is… We didn’t want to just put a DVD on a Blu-ray disc. We thought that that would be kind of lame. So what we’re exploring is putting that content in what’s called a media file, so you’ll be able to use your PlayStation 3 XrossMediaBar, go over into the Media area and have all the functionality of that to view those movies. So, one of the benefits is that you’ll now be able to stop the stuff, rewind, fast-forward, so you’ll treat them just like media files. So that’s pretty cool.

The only thing is that we’re a little concerned that because it’s not in the same directory as the game itself that consumers might not realize that that content is there, so we will have a little menu item that says “Additional Bonus Content for God of War II” and it’ll direct them to the Media section of their XrossMediaBar. We just felt like why should we reinvent a movie player when there’s this awesome one on the PlayStation 3.

The videos are as follows:
Behind the Scenes Chapter 1 – The Concept of Batman Arkham Asylum
Behind the Scenes Chapter 2- The Look of Batman Arkham Asylum
Behind the Scenes Chapter 3 – Cinematics
Beakout Trailer
Invisible Predator Trailer
Combat Trailer
Bane Vignette
Harley Quinn Vignette

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