Bastard Executioner Premiere Bored Viewers? Show Debuts To Low Ratings, Media And FX Chief Backed The Show

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Many viewers were let down by the first episode of Bastard Executioner, a bloody TV series that is being compared today with Game of Thrones. Many criticized the first episode for taking too long to pick steam, and it seems that viewers were able to foresee this as the two-hour-premier debuted with low ratings. The chief of FX, however, assured everyone that the series will pick steam in the middle of the show?s season.


The Bastard Executioner debuted to a mere 2.1 million viewers, a significantly low count compared to FX?s The Strain (4.7 million) and a Fargo (2.7 million), EW reported. Adults aged 18 to 49 years-old were among the 0.8 million viewers, the report said.

Numerous critics were disappointed with the new FX series from Sons of Anarchy director, Kurt Sutter. This statement from For The Win clearly expresses the critics? problems with the shows? first episode:

?The biggest problem with the premiere of FX?s new show?The Bastard Executioner?is that it took about an hour and 45 minutes before it was clear which character is the Bastard Executioner. That?s silly. If you call your show?The Bastard Executioner?you need to establish your title character quickly, and also distinguish whether he?s an executioner born of unwed parents or a person who executes bastards.?


Different From Game Of Thrones

According to FTW,??the TV series shouldn?t be compared to Game of Thrones despite both of them being set in medieval times. This TV series from FX also doesn’t put fictional elements:

“Some people will certainly see all the handsome, brooding bearded guys committing acts of extreme violence on horseback and suggest that The Bastard Executioner is just Sons of Anarchy meets Game of Thrones. But that’s wrong: The Bastard Executioner depicts a fictionalized version of real medieval Wales, whereas Game of Thrones takes place in a fantasy realm featuring dragons and visits from the dead. The Bastard Executioner also has some dragons and some visits from the dead, but they come in dream sequences. It’s totally different.”


The Daily Beast praised the Bastard Executioner saying it was an ambitious show: ?From Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, it?s a series with grand ambition and an even grander budget for fake blood. It also boasts a clever plot conceit tailor-made for brutal scenes of violence, and as such relishes the opportunity to up the ante when it comes to graphic slicings and dicings and geysers of burst arteries.

Slow Burn

The Guardian echoed the same sentiment as the publication wrote that it will be a ?big hit? for FX. The publication also noted that the plot of the show is complicated, but they noted that everything greatly makes sense at the end

Chief of FX, John Landgraf, echoed the same sentiments of The Guardian as they noted that the Bastard Executioner?s director is taking his time to establish the events of the show just like how he did with his Sons of Anarchy, EW reported.

?With Kurt, he?s just not a guy who loves exposition and setting up these really complicated multi-layered worlds. If?you went back?and watched the first half dozen episodes of?Sons of Anarchy,?I think you would see it?s a fairly forboding entry point for that show too. It?s really around the middle of the first season that you?re in and he?s got you. The?great thing about Kurt is once you?re in his world and once you?re into his storytelling, I?ve never worked with a storyteller that was better at holding your interest?

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