Barbie’s Tech-Powered Dreamhouse Failed To Give A Merry Christmas To Its Users

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Barbie's Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse is the app-connected voice-controlled toy that was brought to the Internet age by Mattel. But on Christmas day, unexpected Barbie Dreamhouse glitches had users receiving a message which read ?Error Code 18? when using the toy.

The toy lets users control the functions of the tiny home, including opening doors, turning the lights on or off and more, using voice commands.

What Barbie Dreamhouse Glitches?

According to the game?s instruction manual, the “Error Code 18” message refers to a wireless network issue. It also suggests moving the toy house closer to a router or modem for a stronger signal. However, when some of the users followed the manual’s guidance, it didn’t resolve the issue.

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One user posted on Twitter:

The Response from ToyTalk

To respond to the user?s concern on the Barbie Dreamhouse Glitches, ToyTalk, the company who made the tech for Hello Dreamhouse, released a statement to users.

In the statement, Toytalk acknowledged the service issues that a small number of users have encountered due to the high demand for the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. The company also assured its consumers that their engineers are working hard to identify and resolve the issues soon.

Barbie's Dreamhouse

Toytalk also advised the users to power cycle the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. With this, users are asked to switch off the Dreamhouse for 15 seconds before powering it back on.

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According to Mashable, ToyTalk has issued apologies to those affected by the glitch. In an emailed statement to the users, Toytalk sends their apologies for all the troubles that the glitches might have caused to the users.

It still is not clear whether all users were affected or not as some have shared images of the freshly-opened toy on social media without mentioning anything about the Barbie Dreamhouse glitches.

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