Barbie Live Action Actress Amy Schumer Hits Back at Trollers

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Amy Schumer

Bullying isn?t an easy thing to deal with. Some get depressed, some take their insecurities until they get old. In reality, there are only a few people who have the guts to actually face their bullies. One of those people is the Barbie Live Action Actress Amy Schumer. And she isn?t taking it soft on her bullies. And they ought to stay away before they get burned completely.

Amy Schumer as a Victim of Bullying

People are well aware that being in the entertainment industry takes great guts. They don?t just wake up with a nice breakfast, with their driver and bodyguard already waiting for them outside.

What the others fail to see is the evident downside of being a celebrity. There?s actually a lot of pressure that our favorite actors and actresses have to live up to, and it?s not as easy as it looks.

?You gotta wear this… ?have to be this thin. You have to wear this amount of make-up, because if you don?t, people are gonna judge you.? This is what Amy Schumer?s living with everyday. And she?s handling it pretty well.

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According to Movie News Guide, Amy Schumer has been a victim of body shaming women-haters, and we?re not gonna limit that to men. It?s been evident how people are bullying her body shape, and how she?s been a survivor all the way.

Amy Schumer

The bullying even intensified when she got cast as one of the characters in Barbie Live Action. Given that Barbie is noticeable thin, some say she isn?t fit for the role at all.

Some even commented that Amy Schumer would have been perfect for the role if Barbie was obese. People can really be mean.

Amy Schumer?s Comeback to Her Bullies

Good thing the actress already saw this coming. According to Inquisitr, she already prepared for the nasty comments that people are gonna shoot at her.

In her recent post on Instagram, Amy Schumer said just about everything that she needs to say to her bullies. And if you?re a victim yourself, you probably have to take down some notes.

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She confidently wrote: ?I say if I?m beautiful, I say if I?m strong. You will not determine my story. I will.? She also added that she?s thankful for her haters response because it evidently shows the wrong things that?s present in our culture.

And of course, her loyal fans were there to support Amy Schumer all the way, proving that there?s still hope for humanity. And what do we have to say about Amy Schumer?s post? A big shout of ?You go girl!? with rainbow glitters.

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