Barbara Ann Bregoli: 5 Facts About Cash Me Outside’s Mom

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Danielle Bregoli, also known as the Cash Me Outside girl, is making headlines again; but this time, she shares the spotlight with her mom, Barbara Ann. The duo is currently the subject of a viral video which shows them brawling in what looks to be their hallway. Reports claim that the video was recorded nearly two years ago, meaning the internet sensation would have only been 11 or 12 then.

While a mother-daughter fight is common in almost every household, the interaction between Danielle and Barbara that was seen in the footage is something else. Still, this isn’t Barbara’s first time to be on the news. In fact, Cash Me Outside’s mom has made a fair share of headlines in the past. To get to know her more, here are some facts about Barbara Ann.

1. She battled cancer twice.

There isn’t much known about Barbara’s illness. However, a few outlets report that Danielle was only seven when she was diagnosed with it. A 2009 Mother’s Day article from Palm Beach Post, reveals that while her mother was vomiting due to chemotherapy, it was Danielle who held Barbara’s hair and rubbed her back. Her daughter even made friends with the nurses during the 36-month-long treatment.


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2. Barbara’s husband believes she cannot provide ‘proper love and guidance’ to their daughter.

In a 2016 interview with the same publication, Danielle’s dad, Ira Peskowitz, said his daughter is not a famous but “a child that is being exploited. Despite her mother’s attempts to shut me out over the past decade, I always tried to be a part of Danielle’s life,” he said. “I fear now her mother is doing all she can to cash in, at Danielle’s expense, on this viral fame-driven fiasco.”

Heavy says he has set up a Go Fund Me page for the teenager, believing she needs proper help to be able “to have a happy and healthy life in a stable home with a strong positive future.”

3. She and Danielle are facing an assault lawsuit.

A 27-year-old woman from Lake Worth, Florida named Kimberly Peterson is suing Barbara Ann over an alleged assault she suffered at the hands of her daughter, Danielle. According to Palm Beach Post, the alleged incident happened outside of Downtown Pizza in Lake Worth on February 26. The report details that it all started with a verbal altercation, instigated by the younger Bregoli, but later on turned into a physical assault.

Peterson claims she was repeatedly punched and battered, causing serious bodily injury. However, Danielle called the lawsuit “another attempt to get a dollar from someone that’s making them.”

4. Barbara calls herself a ‘Reality TV Star’

A February 2017 report from TMZ stated that the Cash Me Outside girl was in Los Angeles with her mom to try and win a reality show deal. The outlet claimed there were seven production companies involved in the bidding war and that Danielle had been receiving “creepy” offers such as club nights where the patrons are all 21 years of age.

Barbara Ann now refers to herself as a “reality TV star” on her Instagram page.

5. She Was Involved in Danielle’s Infamous Spirit Airlines Brawl

The Cash Me Outside duo was involved in an altercation while on a Spirit Airlines flight on Feb. 6. According to reports, Barbara was struggling to put a bag into the overhead compartment when a passenger grew impatient, causing the young Bregoli to lose her temper. The incident turned into a minor brawl, but nobody was arrested by the responding officers.

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