Trump Memes Need to Exceed Joe-Barrack Internet Popularity

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Trump Memes

Donald Trump?s victory against Hillary Clinton didn?t just take the world by surprise, it also brought the Internet to a whole new level. Because of the outrage, Trump Memes are selling like cheap hotcakes on a busy street.

Trump Memes: New One Every day

Each passing day, meme creators still come up with bright new ideas to make fun of both the old and new administration. In the first few days of Trump?s victory, memes only featured Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

However, the cast of this never ending meme craze eventually grew. Even Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton is now joining the crew. In fact, it doesn?t stop there, even Trump?s son and the soon to be the first lady didn?t escape the grasp of the meme makers.

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As can be seen above, turns out that most of these memes are created to make fun of Trump. On the other hand, one of the Trump memes below provides a clear understanding of just how most of the people hate Trump.

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At the present time, Trump doesn?t seem to be affected, despite his whole family being bullied throughout the Internet. Meanwhile, meme creators are currently targeting Trump?s wife Melania Trump by belittling her intelligence.

Different Take On Trump Memes

Meanwhile, a particular meme came with a striking emotional message regarding the whole ordeal. That being said, this particular meme somehow tells the truth. These memes are just an illusory escape from the public?s feelings of utter powerlessness and uncertainty right now.

It might be true that it?s a rude and vulgar way to express powerlessness. At the present time, US citizens, especially these meme makers, are going through something uncertain given that Trump might not be the president they?re expecting.

However, nobody can change it now, given that Trump won the US elections 2016 fair and square. Furthermore, these people are better off making memes than being out there burning cities because their presidential candidate lost.

In the end, these Trump memes really do its job in making people happy.

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