‘Banner Saga 2’ Arrives to PS4 Earlier Than Expected

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Just recently, Banner Saga 2 made headlines in the videogame world after it was announced by Microsoft as one of their entries for the Xbox Games with Gold this July. Now, it looks like Sony?s PlayStation Plus is joining the hype by announcing the arrival of the game on the PlayStation Plus this July 5, two weeks earlier than the previously scheduled release of the game on the platform.

According to VG247, while Banner Saga 2 is free on the Xbox Games with Gold, the title is actually offered to PlayStation Plus members at 10 percent off if they pre-order it online. Also, those who wish to grab a copy of the Banner Saga game, it is bundled with Banner Saga 2 with 30 percent off on the price.

Despite both platforms getting the game this month, they have different perks and bundles offered.The PS4 version of the game readily offers players the Passive Ability Boost and the Playful Hilt of Arnr. The Xbox One version, on the other hand, offers Tome of X. These free perks that come with the game will be automatically unlocked as soon as the game is launched on the console.

The two competing consoles are actually second in terms of getting the game to the platform. Banner Saga 2 has been around for quite sometime on the PC platform, with Steam offering the game in their summer sale promo. Meanwhile, EndGadget said that Sony recently announced the possibility of playing Banner Saga 2 even if players haven?t played Banner Saga. The main reason why they can do this is because the two special default characters will be featured in the new game, showing the possibility of not missing what has been featured on the first game.

Originally set to release on July 26 for the PlayStation 4 console, Sony recently announced that the game will be available on the console on July 5, just a few days after Xbox One receives the game. Are you excited to play Banner Saga 2 on your gaming console? Don?t be left behind with the latest news on Banner Saga 2 and check for more updates.

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