Banksy Real Identity Revealed? Who’s The Artist Behind The Famous Rebel Art?

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Most of you may be aware about the famous street artist Banksy and that it is considered to be one of the art world?s ?most closely guarded secrets? for a long time. However, recent reports have revealed that they may have found out the real identity of Banksy through careful analysis and mathematical algorithms.

It?s no surprise that Banksy has made over a hundred artworks in the UK, but these artworks may have caused the street artist to reveal his name. According to Science Alert, the researchers at Queen Mary University of London were able to examine the places where Banksy put his artwork in UK and confirm that the ?leading suspect? was able to create them based on where he was currently ?living.?

Who is Banksy?

Researchers believe that the man behind these controversial streets arts is UK resident Robin Gunningham. Lead researcher Steve Le Comber and his team wrote in the Journal of Spatial Science were able to determine that Banksy and Robin Gunningham ?both appear to have spent their early years in Bristol.? And after Gunningham supposedly moved to London, so did Banksy. In any case, all the evidence pointed out to Robin Gunningham being Banksy.

As for the systematic method they have used in allegedly finding Banksy, the researchers also explained how it can be used in ?serious applications,? according to The Mary Sue.

The National Security Agency?s supposed SKYNET system works ?by tracking cellphone metadata to determine people?s locations, daily routines, and shared contacts.?

There have been previous rumors about the identity of Banksy as early as 2008 that Robin Gunningham was really the famous street artist according to the Daily Mail image. However, in this instance, the strong evidences supported by the researchers might be enough for Banksy to go out in the open.

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