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Bank Of Melbourne, Other Banks Irritate Australian Customers During Labour Day Weekend

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Numerous customers of St. George Bank, the Bank of Melbourne and BankSA were outraged on Monday after being unable to access online, mobile, and telephone banking operations to the banks. The disconnection of services was due to an outage that left many customers hanging, incapable of transferring funds that left many unable to pay for their daily expenses, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

For customers who tried to use internet banking during the outage, a display message would appear on the three banks that indicated the cause of the problem and where they could access their funds elsewhere. A number of complaints were posted on social media through some of the banks website, pleading the bank to open state a reason as to what caused the problem and when the issue would be solved, shared by Sydney Morning Herald.

Chris Garret wrote on Facebook saying: ?Thanks St. George for the ruined long weekend. Thank you for confining my family to the house as our holiday plan requires us to access our money? This is an absolute joke.?

Brianne Lowe also wrote: ?This is absolutely ridiculous!! It?s a public holiday and we can?t go anywhere or do anything! I can?t put petrol in my car, can?t buy nappies and I cannot do my food shopping so I have no idea what we will be eating for dinner.?

Bank of Melbourne, St. George Bank, and BankSA display message:

?Online, mobile and telephone banking services are currently unavailable. Customers can continue to obtain funds through the ATM and EFTPOS system as well as use their credit card.

The problem has arisen, following a regular upgrade to the bank?s computer systems over the weekend.

Customers can also access funds using other bank ATMs.

We are currently working to restore banking services as quickly as possible and apologize to customers for the inconvenience that this incident has caused.?

According to Sydney Morning Herald, a ?data on the mainframe computer powering Westpac-owned St. George Bank, Bank of Melbourne, and BankSA?s core banking system became corrupt? due to a scheduled maintenance that went wrong. The issues were restored Monday evening and customer transactions made over the weekend would process this Tuesday, shared by Sydney Morning Herald.

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