Bangkok Meteor Fireball: The Truth Behind The Video That Sparked Fear Among Residents, Watch It Here

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It was a regular morning for residents in Thailand as they drove to their day-to-day affairs, that is until they saw a bright fireball like meteor descending from the sky. The Bangkok meteor fireball videos have already sprawled all over the internet and many have expressed being scared from such a phenomena.

According to Gizmodo, the meteor entered Earth?s atmosphere around 8:45am. This is surprising as the meteor was widely visible in bright daylight, meaning it must have been really huge to be seen in different areas. You can see the meteor descend from the sky in various areas in Bangkok via the video below.

Netizens Express Fear

Numerous Twitter users have expressed their fears upon seeing various dashcam videos of the ?burning meteor? in Bangkok, Thailand. Some have personally seen the meteor and felt scared from the unusual event A few even said that the occurrence felt ominous and even linked the phenomena to the country?s government.

Bangkok Fireball A Natural Phenomena?

The meteor seen in Bangkok was a rare phenomenon called ?bolide?, Thailand Astronomical society said as reported by Sunday Morning Herald. It was an ?extraordinary? phenomena because it was seen in the sky during daytime, the society said. ?This is a natural, normal phenomenon because small meteors fall to earth every day but what we saw was similar to one over Chelyabinsk in Russia two years ago,? Society president Prapee Wirapon said.

Chelyabinsk Russia Meteor

Bangkok residents are lucky that no one was reportedly hurt from the meteor. In 2013, meteorites descended from the sky in Chelyabinsk, Russia and injured over 950 people, BBC reported. ?It was quite extraordinary,? Chelyabinsk resident Polina Zolotarevskaya told BBC. ?The explosion was so strong that some windows in our building and in the buildings that are across the road and in the city in general, the windows broke.?

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