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Throwback Thursday: Relive the 90s With Bandai’s Tamagotchi

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Bandai re-releases Tamagotchi in Japan

Back in the 90s, people lived a simpler life. People had the television, radio, and books. The Internet was not yet that big and mobile phones at the time were still huge and cost a fortune. The decade was very mild and chill; in fact, people even talked to each other. However, the one technological wonder that everyone remembers in the 90s is the Tamagotchi.

For those who are uninitiated, Tamagotchis are cute, egg-shaped electronic pets which were still classified as toys, at least until then. Previously, a number of mobile apps have existed to try and mimic the really novel toy from Bandai. Now, it seems that Bandai is giving people a chance to relive the 90s by bringing back the Tamagotchis.

According to Short List, Bandai has decided to re-release the Tamagotchi to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Anyone who was born in the 90s will surely get hit with nostalgia. As for the millennials, Tamagotchis are cute digital pet substitutes that can even teach anyone a sense of responsibility at least until you realize that you are caring for a battery-operated pet.

Bandai re-releases Tamagotchi in Japan

New Tamagotchi (via

Unfortunately, for now, the new Tamagotchis are only available in Japan. Bandai is yet to announce if it has plans on releasing the toy anywhere else. However, for anyone who has friends and relatives in Japan, the toy can be had for just $18. The new Tamagotchi is about half the size of the original but still retains the same egg-shaped build. Do not expect any major upgrade on this one as the display is still the same monochrome LCD display for maximum nostalgia impact. The new Tamagotchi features all original six characters released in Japan back in 1996.

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