Baltic Sea Anomaly 2016 Update: Underwater UFO a Hoax?

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Baltic Sea Anomaly 2016 update
Baltic Sea Anomaly UFO news

A mysterious object, allegedly a UFO (unidentified flying object) discovered almost five years ago, has been leading to all sorts of conspiracy theories. Dubbed the ?Baltic Sea Anomaly,? the structure bears resemblance to the Millennium Falcon. Alien hunters have linked the spacecraft as a proof of alien existence.

The 61m wide and eight metres tall structure was first discovered by Swedish treasure hunters, Ocean X team. Led by Peter Lindbergh, its captain, and his co-researcher Dennis Asberg, the team used a side-scan sonar to?find the strange sight 91 metres deep in the Baltic Sea floor.

The circular-shaped disk?with its futuristic looking lines is?rumored?from?being a giant mushroom, to alien spaceship and even a Nazi?ship.

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Out worldly Structure

The curiosity of extraterrestrial enthusiasts piqued when the crew revealed a technology malfunction on their search. Divers exploring the formation reported?their equipment stopped working when they approached it.

?Anything electric out there, and the satellite phone as well, stopped working when we were above the object,? professional diver Stefan Hogerborn said.

?And then when we got away about 200 metres, it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn?t work.?

The mystery further deepened as geologist Steve Weiner revealed from his tests that it was not a geological formation. He said the samples from structure reveal “metals which nature could not reproduce itself.?

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Not UFO But Geological Rock formation

However, scientists suggest that the Baltic Sea Anomaly is nothing but a natural rock formation. Volker Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, told that ?My hypothesis is that this object, this structure was formed during the Ice Age many thousands of years ago.?

A similar opinion was offered by a sonar scanning expert. Dan Fornani told the LiveScience that the scan was low in resolution to conclude anything.

?The data are lacking in resolution, detail and quantification,? seabed sonar scanning expert Fornani said. ?The sonar image has numerous artefacts in it that make it difficult to interpret, and I would not place too much confidence in any interpretation until a better processing is done and the details of the type of sonar and particulars are provided.?

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The Ocean X captain, Lindberg, too claimed that the structure is not made of metal.

?It?s not obviously an alien spacecraft. It?s not made of metal,? said ?Lindberg. The scientist didn?t miss the opportunity to make a little fun of the situation, though. ?Who says they had to use metal?? he joked. ?This trip has raised a lot of questions.?

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