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Bad Girls Club Season 16 Spoilers: Kailie Bijou Ready For A Fight

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Bad Girls Club returns for season 16 and the show could only get more controversial than ever. The newest season focuses on the queens of social media who are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their crowns. All the girls have a common goal and that is to impress their followers. One of them is Kailie Bijou who?s ready for a fight.

Oxygen’s notorious reality show is known for crazy fights. These fights often lead to the worst things. It looks like Bad Girls Club Season 16 is going to be more controversial than the previous installments. It is going to be savage and more entertaining than anything that viewers have ever seen from the show.

The teaser has been previously released which shows young girls taking selfies. Aside from taking photos of themselves, it seems like they have also developed the habit of twerking. They are intimate in one instant only to beat each other up the next moment. Since the creators have promised a better season, viewers can either expect that there will be no more glass smashing or there will be more of it.

Kailie Bijou Ready For A Fight

Bijou is a former cheerleader who could show no fear of calling people out. She is known not only for her solid reputation of being naughty, but also for the way she expresses herself. She is the type who would make everyone know that she?s angry and typically broadcast her rants through social media.

Her fellow contestants might have all the reasons to fear for their relationships because Bijou had mastered the art of stealing other girls? boyfriends. However, despite her good looks and appeal, Bijou is not fortunate with love. She has gone through several abusive relationships.

Now Bijou is ready to fight and face the challenges in the mansion. Bad Girls Club Season 16 spoilers suggest that she could be the first one to be eliminated, so watch her slay before that happens.

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