‘BACTrack’: The App To Scale If You Are Slightly Tipsy or Stoned From Booze

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Weird but useful and unique apps keep popping out of nowhere, and things start to get more interesting when apps come out of nowhere, and does something you never thought possible, or even thought about having done in a normal day-to-day basis. For instance, we now have BACTrack which detects how much booze a person has consumed and gauge his or her sober levels.

BACtrack provides a detailed report and estimation on how long you?ll be stoned and when you?ll regain proper posture after a certain consumption of booze. Throughout the party night, this app lets you gauge how much libation you have consumed and it automatically calculates how much alcohol you have consumed and is in your body.

The breathalyzer functions as a reading device which connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Using the information that the breathalyzer collects, the app gives you a rough estimation of how much you?ve consumed and how long it will take for you to regain ?proper? consciousness. The BACTrack device also gives you a detailed stats of how well you are with chugging down alcohol and how quickly you become tipsy to totally out cold.

The app also has some other useful feature which lets you designate a contact driver when drunk, and it also lets you know the possibility of accident when going behind the wheel.

The breathalyzer is available for both Android and iOS. The device itself costs $150. The product specification is as follows (based from the product page):

Product Specifications

  • Finally, a product made for drinking nerds
  • Accurately measure how much alcohol is in your system
  • Internal air pump insures precise, consistent results
  • Puts your BAC in context so you know how alcohol affects you
  • Fuel sensor technology gives you professional-grade accuracy
  • Track your BAC over time
  • Get a clear picture of your drinking habits
  • Gain insight and learn how your body processes alcohol
  • With ZeroLine technology, estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%.
  • Record your drinking habits
  • Personal drink diary lets you take notes about each drink
  • Snap pictures of your favorite drinks or places
  • Share your results with nobody… or everyone
  • Four levels: Personal, Private, Anonymous, Social
  • Personal is for your eyes only
  • Private lets you text results to a designated driver
  • Anonymous posts your BAC to the world map without revealing your identity
  • Social lets you post your BAC, notes, and photos to your social networks and the global map.
  • Explore drinking geeks around the world
  • World map lets you see real-time BAC results around the world
  • Free BACtrack app available in the App Store and Play Store
  • Apple Compatibility: iPhone 4S, 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Gen (Any with Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Android Compatibility: The BACtrack Mobile is now compatible with Android devices! (We all know there are too many to list, Bluetooth 4.0 required.)
  • What’s included
  • BACtrack Mobile Bluetooth main unit
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 3 x reusable mouth pieces
  • Protective carry pouch
  • Note: Be smart, nerds. While this does make drinking into Science, it doesn’t mean that you can throw caution to the wind. Be safe, okay?

Image Source: YouTube (BACtrack)

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