Backup Now 5.5 Improves Speed And Performance

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NTI Corporation announced a new release of Backup Now. They improved the compression in their backup software improving the speed at which they can upload information to their servers. That in turn creates less time and stress on your hardware and internet connection. That?s not all NTI changed in Backup Now, they also added more features.

A few bullets points on the improvements include:

?Improved compression for superior speed, up to 40% faster than before
?Performs up to 5 times faster than other backup programs
?More efficient use of compression uses less space on the backup destination
?Restore Points allows users to quickly restore back in time as needed

Backup Now is made with every user in mind. The first time users will appreciate the simple three step interface and the advanced user will appreciate all the options you have such as restoring data to alternate locations. Backup Now is offered worldwide with a suggested retail prices of US $29.99 for the standard and US $69.99 for the advanced. They also offer a full 30 day trial so check it out.

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