Back To The Future Trivia: Quirky Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Movie

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Back To The Future Trivia

It’s already the future! Like literally. We’re now one day ahead of the ‘future’ date as shown in the movie Back to the Future, and people from all over the world are excited about the event.

Perhaps it’s because the?movie did for us?what Star Wars did in making fans believe that there?s a Force bigger than all of us ? and that?s to believe in a future that?s as amazing and fantastic as Doc Brown?s De Lorean flying back in time!

This year is very special for the sci-fi comedy and adventure movie, which pummeled Michael J. Fox into the limelight of Hollywood greats. It?s not only Back to the Future?s 30th?Anniversary, it?s also the farthest?year?the DeLorean traveled to because of Doc and Marty?s misadventures.

To further add to this special event, we’re listing down some of the amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the movie:


Things you didn?t know about Back to the Future

Back to the Future can definitely be considered one of the best family movies of all time. But did you know that there are interesting?tidbits?that make the movie even more special?

  • For one, Bob Gale created the idea of Back to the Future when he saw his dad?s yearbook in the basement. Looking at the picture of his young father, he toyed of the idea of being friends with him if they were born in the same era.
  • The DeLorean, arguably became the symbol of the future (along with the hover board), almost did not come into fruition as the original time machine was supposed to be a refrigerator.
  • Einstein, Doc Browns lovable dog, almost became a chimpanzee in the original script!
  • Billy Zane?s first cinematic role was Biff Tanen?s pose.
  • And finally, we almost didn?t see Michael J. Fox play the lead role of Marty McFly. The character was offered to Ralph Macchio who turned down the role, and there was actually a time when it was Eric Stoltz who first filmed the scenes. Eric?s brooding good looks however, did not much Marty?s rather goofy character (thank god for that!).

Yesterday’s future is today’s technology

Flying cars, the hover board, video calls, self-tying shoe laces, and more — so how much of the movie?s technology is now being enjoyed? Find out in our special Back to the Future story?HERE,?and see for yourself that time indeed flies!

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