Bachelorette Canada 2016 Star Jasmine Lorimer OVER Mikhel Sickland, Defends Winner Kevin Wendt

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The Bachelorette Canada 2016 has been slammed with negative feedback ever since its finale last week. Many fans disapproved of Jasmine Lorimer?s choice to pick Kevin Wendt as the winner instead of Mikhel Sickland.

Now, the 27-year-old hair stylist has spoken up to defend her decision.

Mixed emotions?

After the shocking finale of The Bachelorette Canada 2016, speculations rose when its lead star cancelled her media tour. Those who watched After The Final Rose also pointed out that the Pemberton native seemed unhappy beside Kevin Wendt. ?

Jasmine Lorimer also admitted in the TV special that she and The Bachelorette Canada winner have been having relationship issues. According to insiders, these problems have caused their families to not get along. ?

Furthermore, the female lead confessed to still having feelings for The Bachelorette Canada runner-up Mikhel Sickland.


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Jasmine defends Kevin

After a week of silence following the shocking season ender of The Bachelorette Canada, Jasmine Lorimer finally came out today. Contrary to how she was in After The Final Rose, the reality TV personality seemed happier alongside Kevin Wendt.

?I know how it looked,? she told Entertainment Tonight Canada about her last TV appearance.

The blond stunner then defended her decision to choose the 32-year-old firefighter over a fan favorite.

?I love Kevin,? she said. ?There?s a reason that him and I are together.?

Mikhel Sickland

She talked about having special feelings for this season?s second placer in After The Final Rose. Now, Jasmine Lorimer explained that Mikhel Sickland is doing better after The Bachelorette Canada 2016.

She mentioned that the 28-year-old aviation engineer is reportedly already in a new relationship, which she is ?happy? about.

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Why they cancelled the media tour

The new couple also clarified why they decided to cancel their media tour. The move was mainly the reason why a lot of people who followed The Bachelorette Canada 2016 thought they had broken up.

?We had never had the chance to just be, him and I,’? Justine Lorimer said. Contrary to rumors, she added that the last week has been ?the best week? of their new relationship.

?We?ve taken the pressure off of ourselves,? the main star said, emphasizing that they want a ?normal relationship.?

On top of all this, Jasmine Lorimer also went Instagram-official by posting their first social media photo as a couple.

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