The Bachelorette Canada 2016 Ending After Just One Season As Showrunners Remain Mum About Jasmine Lorimer And Kevin Wendt?

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The Bachelorette Canada 2016 is being slammed with controversies. The lack of updates about Jasmine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt has left some fans wondering if there will even be a second season.

Many were shocked with last Tuesday?s finale when Kevin Wendt got the final rose. There were instances throughout The Bachelorette Canada 2016 when he did not treat Justine Lorimer very well. As a result, the 32-year-old firefighter?s victory was not well-received by viewers.

The controversial Waterloo native won over audience favorite Mikhel Sickland. However, the show?s lead star admitted during After the Final Rose that she still had feelings for the runner-up. Furthermore, she revealed that her new relationship has not been going very smoothly.


Images from the Instagram pages of Kevin Wendt, Jasmine Lorimer and Mikhel Sickland

Cancelled media tour, awkward silence, and insider rumors

In a shocking turn of events, Jasmine Lorimer cancelled the media tour that was scheduled after the TV special. Since then, she and her chosen bachelor have not posted photos or statements about how they are doing.

Reports also came out that the 27-year-old hair stylist got very emotional following After The Final Rose. Insiders told Entertainment Tonight that the families of the new couple are also not getting along well.

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Showrunners questioned by fans

The week-long silence of Justine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt has been questioned on social media. However, it seems like those behind The Bachelorette Canada 2016 are trying to diffuse controversies.

The official Twitter page of The Bachelorette Canada 2016 began showing finale photos of the pair just this weekend. ?Showrunners even seemingly threw shade at skeptics in their most recent post.

According to them, Justine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt ?don’t need helicopter rides, or fancy Moroccan dates.? ?They [just] need each other,? the post?s caption read.

Comments poured in about how it is very unlikely for a ?happy couple? to be very evasive. Many also pointed out that the finale was aired over three weeks ago and that a lot of things could have changed.

The unexplained cancellation of the media tour and lack of detailed updates about The Bachelorette Canada?s first couple were also raised.

?Do you have anything to share other than quotes from [the show] that was [taped] almost a week ago where we saw an unhappy Jaz?? one commenter scoffed.

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Will The Bachelorette Canada be cancelled?

Others questioned the show?s credibility ? which is likely to affect its W Network renewal for a second season.

?Why do you keep posting tweets like this with no supporting evidence?? one fan slammed. ?You’re going to ruin your credibility.?

Do you think that the unpopular results of The Bachelorette Canada 2016 will result to season two?s cancellation? What do you think is really happening between Justine Lorimer and Kevin Wendt? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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