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The Bachelorette 2017 Contestant Peter Kraus Poised To Headline The Bachelor Season 22

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the bachelorette 2017

The new season of The Bachelor won’t premiere until 2018 but we now have a potential headliner, thanks to the big Bachelorette winner change this week. It turns out Rachel Lindsay is engaged to another man, not Reality Steve’s original winner Peter Kraus. Team Peter shouldn’t be disappointed though. The business owner from Madison, Wisconsin might have lost his chance with Rachel, but he just might have earned another shot at finding love by becoming the next Bachelor.

As previously reported, the Bachelor guru changed his spoiler, naming Dr. Bryan Abasolo as the actual winner of The Bachelorette 2017. Assuming that’s accurate, Bryan has just been knocked out from the running to become The Bachelor 2018’s headliner. With the exception of Nick’s season, the franchise usually chooses the next Bachelor from the Bachelorette‘s final four guys. Now that Peter is reportedly just a runner-up, he could be the lucky man handing out roses in the parent show.

The Runner-ups

To be fair, the other guys from the predicted top 4 could be the bachelor we’re looking for. That includes 26-year-old Los Angeles-based startup recruiter, Dean Unglert and 29-year-old Eric Bigger, a motivational speaker who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Dean Unglert

Reality Steve claimed Dean will be heading to Mexico for the Bachelor in Paradise, so you’re probably thinking that he shouldn’t be counted anymore. However, let’s not forget that Nick was also in the spinoff before he was named Season 21’s the Bachelor. That means Dean still has a chance. But according to Reality Steve, he is just simply too young for the role, though Ben Higgins was also the same age when he got the gig.

“I wouldn’t say he’s [Dean] out 100%, but for the sake of ranking the final 4 guys and their Bachelor prospects, I think he probably has the smallest chance,” he said in a post. “I think he’s just too young and I don’t think he comes across as someone who’s looking to settle down right now.”

Why Peter?

That leaves Eric and Peter as the plausible picks.

The former has what it takes to become the next Bachelor. Not only does Eric have a bold personality and dazzling smile, he could also make history by becoming the first black lead of the Bachelor franchise. He’s obviously a strong contender but not as strong as Peter.

the bachelorette 2017ABC

Eric Bigger

The show is still in its third episode, but Peter has already built quite a fanbase, most of whom are still hoping the spoilers are wrong and he will be the one to pop the question to Rachel on the finale. The 30-year-old is easy on the eyes and he’s well-liked, per Steve, making him the frontrunner now.

Then again, this is just a mere prediction. Will Peter headline The Bachelor 2018? Or, is it possible that the next Bachelor won’t be one of Rachel’s guys? At this point, everything is guesswork. We can’t really confirm who the lucky man is until the show makes an announcement in three months’ time. That goes to the Bachelorette 2017 winner as well. Team Peter can only hope that Steve’s new spoiler is wrong, though seeing him handing out roses is not bad either.

Who do you think will headline The Bachelor 2018? Would you prefer Peter Kraus or Eric Bigger? Any suggestions from the previous season that Reality Steve missed? Share your thoughts with us through placing your comments below.

Don’t miss the next episode of The Bachelorette It airs on Monday, at 8|7c on ABC. As for the Bachelor, the new season premieres January next year.

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