The Bachelorette 2016 Winner Revealed? Is Luke Leaving The Show?

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We may not have a The Bachelorette 2016 winner just yet, but the competition is getting tough between the final four, especially with the hometown dates ending with Jojo Fletcher in tears and unable to decide which contestant to send home.

In fact, one rumor that got passed along was that audience favorite Luke Pell would be the one leaving the show, especially after previews showed Pell interrupting the rose ceremony so he could talk to Fletcher in private.

Heavy speculated that the previewed scene would either involve Pell either breaking up with Fletcher ?before she even has a chance to send someone home?, or it could just be Pell taking an opportunity to tell Fletcher that he loves her. As it turns out, it was the latter, resulting in the cliffhanger end for the episode.

So who ends up going home? It really still is anybody?s guess, but there seems to be a lot more certainty surrounding who?s going to make it to the final rose ceremony for this season of The Bachelorette. If online chatter is to be believed, Fletcher will end up choosing former pro quarterback Jason Rodgers. Not only did the two have great chemistry to begin with, it was revealed early on that Fletcher knew Rodgers even before the show.


Aaron Rodgers is tipped to win Jojo Fletcher’s heart.

And yet, it doesn?t look like it?s going to be a fairytale ending for Fletcher, either. There has been speculation that Robby Hayes and Rodgers will be the last two standing at the rose ceremony, with Fletcher picking Rodgers, but ending up regretting it. Rumors have even said that Fletcher will ask the show?s producers to let the two guys propose during the final rose ceremony.

Even more fascinating are the rumors spreading that Fletcher won?t even pick either Rodgers or Hayes. This certainly leaves the field open for fan favorite Pell to sweep Fletcher off her feet and emerge victorious. It could also pave the way for the even darker horse ?Chase McNary to snag the final rose.

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